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Campervan Hire in Spain

A fun, different and inexpensive way to travel and explore Andalusia.

Why not hire a small Motorhome and go where and when you please?

Campervan hire spain

So, hire a campervan in Spain and explore Andalusia, an area with plenty of natural, cultural and sports attractions to discover; a place where you can enjoy its heritage, stunning coastline, beautiful mountains, fascinating cities, delicious gastronomy, flamenco music and many outdoor sports and of course a superb climate, the best in Europe.

The largest Spanish protected natural areas are all in Andalusia with 24 Nature Parks, 9 Biosphere Reserves and 2 National Parks, all of them with plenty of wild life.

With Flamenco Campers, you can enjoy an abundance of outdoor sports such as, climbing, surfing, kiting, MTB, kayaking, diving, horse riding, trekking, etc….. all in truly amazing surroundings.

Our base is just 10 minutes from Malaga Airport (served by a very wide range of international airlines). Our distinctive and cool Flamenco Campers motorhomes are all fully equipped ready to go, We also offer many optional extras so you can tailor your campervan to suit your type of adventure and your personal preferences..

Our Flamenco Campers campervans for hire are fully equipped. These small motorhomes are as easy to drive as any family vehicle and and are a mini home-from-home on wheels.

With Flamenco Campers you will discover a new way of traveling and enjoying your holidays. This will be an experience you will remember forever!

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