Surfing on the network we have discovered the best way to travel on a campervan while visiting our rural areas. This original formula has been working for years in other European countries and this is its 4th year in Spain. It’s called España Discovery.

Its operation is based on the purchase of an annual guide which identifies you as a member of España Discovery in the different wineries and farms in all Spain associated to this formula. With the simple act of showing the guide or its identification, the vineyards and farm hosts are aware that the holder is a member of España Discovery and will welcome you to their facilities.

The España Discovery guide provides its members all the information on parking and overnighting on exclusive vineyards and farms, in a safe environment for 24 hours maximum and without any commercial or financial obligation on the part of travelers.

The only obligation for members is to meet certain general standards contained in a Code of Conduct.

This formula can also be practiced in other European countries such as:

What are you waiting to discover all these places by hiring one of our campervans?