Miscellany & Surprises

How to draw a VW Camper Van.

2017-10-16T12:09:43+00:00August 2013|

For those of you who are not an artists with the pencil and are passionate with VW Vans, here you have a short drawing class to learn the secrets [...]

The world’s fastest VW Camper Van.

2017-10-16T12:09:53+00:00August 2011|

We present the world's fastest VW Camper Van , the Colorado RS by the german company Karman Mobil. A real rocket with many modifications on the mechanical basis of a [...]

VW Camper Van interiors.

2017-10-16T12:09:53+00:00August 2011|

We present a video that compiles some of the history of different designs of the famous VW campers interiors. A whole concept of originality and creativity to enjoy pleasant [...]