The swiss mechanical Fred Bernhard has spent 6 years to develop and build their professional challenge. Create something unique with this project was its objective, the FB1 Race-Taxi.

A racing car born from the combination of a VW T1 1962 with a Porsche 993 Bi-Turbo mixed with many hours of work, trials and a lot of money. A true racing taxi to drive on any track and enjoy a session as a passenger at high speeds which will shoot your adrenaline.

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This “vanrocket” is mounted on a super enhanced VW T1 Split Window body to which has adapted the engine of a Porsche 993 Bi-Turbo than 3.600 cc and six-cylinder that offer 500 hp. The gearbox is a 6 speed from a Porsche 996 GT3. The total weight is 1,500 kg and has a max speed. of 230 km/h.

If you want to see how is to take a ride in this “vanrocket”, you just have to see the video and if you want to live it just contact Race-Taxi and do your reservation.