Flamenco Campers – a Andalusian adventure on the open road’

By Louise Mercedes Frank (Translated from the original interview in Danish)

Gonzalo, owner and founder of Flamenco Campers greets us at his campervan base in Alhaurin de la Torre, close to Malaga’s international airport. In the parking is his impressive fleet of campervans, including the one we have chosen for the weekend – she’s called Merche. Merche is a Mercedes Benz Marco Polo Westfalia. It’s the kind of camper that has a pop-up roof, so that you can create extra space for another double bed – so in total the camper can accommodate four people – ideal for parents with two children. Also, as with the other campers in the fleet, Merche is decorated with Flamenco Campers distinctive polka dot branding and has been christened with a name – each name is evocative of famous artists Flamenco culture in Andalucia.

The smart, compact and flexible design of each of the campervans makes it easy to have everything you might need for a vacation on the go. It is a little home-from-home on wheels – beds, dining table & chairs, wardrobe, fridge, and even the kitchen sink…

Gonzalo explains how he started with a just single camper some years ago: ‘My wife Carolina and I travelled to England to visit the largest Volkswagen campervan festival in the world’ explained Gonzalo. ‘There we saw just how many people were successfully hiring campervans for holidays. We thought, if it’s possible to be successful in a country like the UK, which only has a fraction of the sunny days we have in Spain, then surely we can replicate the business model here in Andalusia’. After that inspiring trip Gonzalo and Carolina, who had always been passionate about campers, and had travelled across Europe in a camper, decided to buy their first camper for rentals. From there they built up their fleet and today they have a modern fleet of 8 campers.

Before departing for our weekend camper adventure, Gonzalo gave us a detailed presentation of ‘Merche’. It was remarkable to see just how clever the Westfalia interior design was, with so many hidden features and storage spaces. Gonzalo highlighted the hidden kitchen stove, the sink and all the drawers filled with everything we would need. ‘But that’s not all’ exclaims Gonzalo, who goes into his warehouse to return with what he jokingly said is the most important thing of all, as he reached out and handed us a corkscrew!

So, we’re ready for our road-trip adventure. Ready to hit the open road and enjoy the freedom of a Flamenco Campers campervan holiday in sunny Andalucia.

How a Flamenco Campers holiday works:

  • If you land in Málaga, you can be picked up by Gonzalo in his classic vintage VW – you just need to book it in advance.
  • The driver of the camper must be 28 years or older and have had a car driving license for a minimum of three years.
  • Minimum rental period is four days.
  • Insurance (with a deductible exess) and road assistance is included in the price.
  • Most of the Flamenco Campers campervans can accommodate 4 people
  • You can take your small dog with you for an additional fee if agreed with Flamenco Campers in advance, as only some of their campers are suitable for dog-suitable.

A campervan means a vacation without limitations. Where you park, is where you can spend the night – if it is not against local restrictions. In Spain, you can stay in most places in your campervan if you do not put up an awning or put tables and chairs. However, with a family it is often more suitable and comfortable to stay in a campsite where there is a swimming pool for the kids, showers and other family-friendly facilities.