Campervan Life Philosophy

Mid-size and compact campervans are often known as “CAMPERS”, which when properly equipped, can be like a mini home-from -home. The smart design and features of campers mean they can include everything you might need whilst enjoying a road trip holiday: chairs, tables, cabinets, beds, refrigerator, cooker, sink, shower, storage, electricity, etc ….

A camper is a flexible and versatile means of transport that allows us to enjoy our holiday and leisure time without schedules or obligations, giving us the opportunity to appreciate nature and travel sites without prior commitments. We can sleep overnight in special places and share extraordinary moments with our family and friends. Users of these vehicles are adventurous and lively; they appreciate nature and constantly find pleasure in being friendly and respectful with their neighbours and the environment. In fact, this way of holidaying (and sometimes even living longer-term on the road) has become an international phenomenon, and you can share in the excitement and fun by following the hashtag #vanlife on social media.

The underlying philosophy in this manner of considering leisure time is understanding the relationship with space and time as a sphere of absolute freedom: sleeping surrounded by snow-covered mountain tops, waking up with the sound of birds or the sea, eating economically lost in thought overlooking a lake or in the hustle of an urban park under the shadow of a cathedral, without depending on high seasons or specific availability, timetables, or too many rules, aside from traffic regulations and friendliness.

Travelling in a camper makes for a very flexible and versatile holiday that is ideally suited to those that love nature and the great outdoors. Having a camper is perfect for those that enjoy sports and activities in nature such as cycling, diving, caving, skiing, motorcycling, surfing and all kinds of sports that require overnight stays at remote sites.

Those of us who travel this way, are increasingly committed to respecting the environment: we deposit our waste in appropriate containers and we only empty our grey water where it can be treated. We believe there is a way of discovering new places in a manner which has less impact upon the environment; we enjoy living like a local; and enjoy walking or cycling.

So, why not hire a Flamenco Campers campervan? Go ahead and start enjoying the campervan life philosophy!


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