Campervan Hire Rates 2018

Carmela, Manuela, Lucia & Merche

Rates on €/day. Inc. VAT 21%4-6 days7-10 days11-17 days18-45 days
May-Jun (Min. 5d)10810510294
Jul-Aug (Min. 7d.)ND126123115
Sep-Oct (Min. 5d.)10810510294
Nov-Dic 85807668

 Pepa & Juana

Rates on €/day. Inc. VAT 21%4-6 days7-10 days10-17 days18-45 days
Jan-Feb 95888476
May-Jun (Min. 5d.)119116111104
Jul-Aug (Min. 7d.)ND136133125
Sep-Oct (Min. 5d.)119116111104
Nov-Dic 95888476

Lola & Macarena

Rates on €/day. Inc. VAT 21%4-6 days7-10 days10-17 days18-45 days
Jan-Feb 1151039486
May-Jun (Min. 5d.)140131122112
Jul-Aug (Min. 7d.)ND153145135
Sep-Oct (Min. 5d.)140131122112
Nov-Dic 1151039486

Rates on €/day. Inc. VAT 21%
Basic on board equipment
 | Optional extras

Early Booking Credit Bonus:
between 151 & 210 days (5-7 months): 5%
between 211 & 270 days (7-9 months): 10%
+270 Days (+9 months): 15%

 NOTE: The Credit Bonus is calculated over the total rental amount of the camper not including taxes (provided that the rental period is 5 days or more) and this amount shall be applied to: Extra Equipment, Travelling with my dog​​, Additional driver and pickup or delivery on Saturday, Sunday or holiday. In the event that the total amount of the Credit Bonus is not completely consumed, the remaining amount will not be refunded. Credit Bonus will be calculated from the date of receipt of the booking deposit payment.
Refundable Security Deposit600€   (900 € on Lola)
“Travel with my dog” extra charge50€/rental (only Carmela)
Additional Driver  50 €/person
Pick up/Drop off on weekend & holiday25 €/service
International Insurance Extension12 €/day
Airport pick up serviceNo charge & under availability
Excess milage   0,40 €/km + VAT (200 km/day free incluided)
Extra Hour Hire10 €/hour
Easter WeekMin. 5 days
May, June, Sept. & Oct.Min. 5 days
July & AugustMin. 7 days
Christmas & New Year+10%
Bank Holidays+10%

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