Autumn in southern Spain is one of the best times to enjoy a Flamenco Campers holiday. The summer heat makes way for a gentle warmth and glorious colours.

Here in Andalusia there are many places to enjoy Autumn’s nature in a campervan. For example, if you head to the mountains and forests of Sierra Morena and Sierra de Cazorla you will undoubtedly experience the deer rutting, when males face each other, locking their horns to prove who is the strongest and attract the attention of the females.

Autumn Colours

For a stunning display of autumn colours take your Flamenco Campers campervan to the chestnut forests of the Sierra de Aracena and Sierra de Grazalema. The trees are beautiful in autumn and you can see the maturing chestnuts bursting open. You’ll also see wild mushrooms too, including gurumelo, russula, and chanterelles – favourites with gourmet chefs for making exquisite culinary dishes.

Bird Watching

Andalusia almost touches Africa so understandably we are a major destination for bird watchers, wanting to experience the remarkable autumn migration of birds from Europe to the warmth of neighbouring Africa. The sight of these flocks can be quite extraordinary.

If you love walking then autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons to hike in our forests – there are so ma

ny routes which are well signposted offering spectacular views.

Autumn is unforgettable in Andalusia; so contact us and find out how easy it is to rent a campervan from Flamenco Campers and begin to discover Andalusia!