Travel is entering a new era, where the focus is on personal control, hygiene, and wellness.

Following the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, travel is more personal, more intimate, more mindful – and Campervans and Motorhomes are ideally suited to these new types of independent, hygienic holidays

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Here at Flamenco Campers, we have seen over recent years a strong increase in demand for our campervan holidays. The freedom and personal independence offered by having your own home-on-wheels really appeals across all generations. It has been embraced by everyone from Instagramming Millennials; adventurous young families; to seniors who love to travel for weeks exploring and experiencing a destination in detail.

Road Tripping 2020-21

This trend for independent, experiential travel is now even more relevant. In an era of COVID-19, the focus is on staycations and social distancing. So, Campervan and Motorhome holidays in Spain offer you the opportunity to vacation with your partner or family in a safe, clean environment.

Flamenco Campers offers a level of hygiene security that is hard to achieve in your personal vehicle without professional cleaning products and equipment.

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With this in mind, all of us here at Flamenco Campers believe that a Campervan and Motorhome holiday in Southern Spain is perfect for your 2020-21 getaway:

  • Be protected by the safe, hygienic, and sterilised environment of each Campervan, thanks to Flamenco Campers’ anti-virus cleaning and O3 Ozone treatment
  • Enjoy the freedom of the open road with your loved ones
  • Discover the hidden Spain, away from the crowds
  • Visit peaceful natural parks and uncrowded beaches
  • Experience authentic culture and gastronomy

Safe & Clean

At Flamenco Campers we have always taken your health and wellbeing seriously. Since we are now living in an era with a particular focus on avoiding viruses, you can be assured that all campervans and motorhomes from Flamenco Campers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before you take delivery.

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Each campervan is cleaned using a range of professional products by Sanytol (, approved by the Ministry of Health. Our team take particular care to not only protect themselves, but also you. That’s way, in addition to deep-cleaning, each campervan is twice disinfected using a professional Ozone generator that naturally eliminates microbes and viruses without any side effects or residue. So, your campervan will not only smell fresh, but be thoroughly safe and clean for your use. You can drive, eat, and sleep with confidence.

Independent travel

After so many weeks with Stay at Home and Shelter at Home warnings, travel is now even more of a joy! Few things can compare with the freedom of the open road and travelling independently with a Flamenco Campers motorhome or campervan. You decide where you go, where you eat, and where you sleep. This gives you the total, personal control over your environment. It also represents very good value for money, since the campervan rental includes transport, self-catering accommodation for all the family, and the opportunity to create your own trip, including frontline beach views, forest seclusion or visits to villages.

With a campervan there is no need to check-in at a hotel with shared facilities. No need to visit busy restaurants. You can have complete control over your personal space throughout your holiday, protecting you and your family.

trekking - Campervans & Motorhomes – the Safe & Healthy way to Holiday in Spain

Holidays without the Crowds

There’s no need to be concerned about social distancing or crowds on a Flamenco Campers holiday. Andalusia’s stunning landscapes naturally offer social distancing. There is just so much space in the South of Spain. We have many suggested itineraries across Southern Spain that will take you to spectacular places without the crowds.

Southern Spain offers many opportunities to enjoy holidays in rural areas, travelling through unspoilt countryside and visiting small hamlets and villages. Here you can discover the hidden Spain – meet local artisans making traditional crafts and buy and try wholesome natural foods. You are able to create your own, meaningful travel experiences.

Nature on your Doorstep

Andalusia has more protected green spaces than any other region of Spain, as well being amongst the most biodiverse areas in Europe. There are thousands of square kilometres to explore, ensuring peace and solitude.

Experience the mountains of Sierra Nevada National Park, where there are hundreds of self-guided hiking trails through wildflowers, Mediterranean herbs, and almond groves.

Or head to the magnificent wetlands and forests of Doñana National Park in western Andalucia, for exceptional wildlife.

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For natural beaches, away from resorts and people, visit the Costa de la Luz of western Andalucia, where beaches offer stunning views of Africa. Or enjoy a road trip to Almeria and the striking semi-arid landscapes of Cabo de Gata for some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe.

Culture & History

Spain not only has exceptional natural landscapes, but also a rich culture. The country has the second highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Europe. Of course, the most popular are the Alhambra & Albaicin in Granada; the Royal Alcazar & Cathedral in Seville; as well as the Cathedral-Mosque & Medina Azahara of Cordoba.

Yet there are countless UNESCO cultural wonders in Andalucia that are not well known, and not over-crowded, and that can be visited easily in a campervan or motorhome.

mezquita - Campervans & Motorhomes – the Safe & Healthy way to Holiday in Spain

For example, the fascinating and impressive Dolmens at Antequera are really worth a visit. Found in the heart of Malaga province close to the historic and picturesque town of Antequera, these ancient structures are unique in the world.

Alternatively head deep into the olive groves of Jaen province, and you will find the renaissance splendour of Ubeda and Baeza, two exceptional towns with stunning architecture of mansions, churches, and palaces.

Yet it´s not just natural landscapes and historical sights that should be part of your Flamenco Campers road trip. Spain’s Mediterranean diet and its culture of music and dance such as Flamenco make for a great part of any holiday here.

alhambra - Campervans & Motorhomes – the Safe & Healthy way to Holiday in Spain


We´re sure you can ´t wait to travel and enjoy the sunshine, nature, beaches, villages, and culture of Southern Spain. Enjoy your holidays with confidence with Flamenco Campers. Just get in touch for more information.