nuestras tres bailaoras - Exploring & Discovering Andalusia by VW Campervan

20 Reasons to travel on a Flamenco Campervan
to get know the beautiful Andalusia.

1.- Forget it, it’s not a chic’s meeting, even though that would be fun if it were true, we would discover so many things…

2.- In the event you have a pet, you can forget about asking your aunt or the vet if they can look after “Purdy”. This time she will also be able to go on vacation with you!experiencias de viajeros con nuestras furgonetas camper - Exploring & Discovering Andalusia by VW Campervan

3.- If you love playing in the water, bring your surfboard, because you can surf to your heart’s content, along the coast of Cádiz, from Tarífa, all the way to the capital, Cádiz.

4.- Leave behind any thought that you might be uncomfortable, thinking that you might have to sacrifice comfort or security; you will feel like you are in your own home, but with different views through the window every moment of the day.

5.- “I told you so” is a phrase that not many people like to hear, however sometimes a vacation aboard one of these campers can leave you wanting or thirsting for more.

6.- If you want to discover new trails, don’t forget to bring your bikes, as there is also room for them, because in Andalusia there are unusual paths to discover.

7.- Don’t forget to prepare your eyes and senses to awaken to the luxurious sights and smells by the seaside, they may think that you all are already in experiences on our campervans - Exploring & Discovering Andalusia by VW Campervan

8.- Depending on the destination you choose, don’t forget about Córdoba, Seville, the Nature Parks, the ancient streets of Ronda, and the restaurants at of the edge of the Tajo.

9.- If you are in the mood to cook, a fresh fish, recently purchased from the market, is a savory option, which can be done easily on a BBQ beside the campervan.

10.- Autumn in Andalusia is a dream come true, where you will find peaceful places that offer you tranquility, silence and wonderful paths to go explore.Manuela%20en%20el%20campo2 - Exploring & Discovering Andalusia by VW Campervan

11.- The family pictures will be unforgettable: Mom and Dad please don’t forget to bring the suntan lotion for the kids, as well as the camera.

12.- The luggage always has plenty of room available inside your camper, one reason more to worry less.

13.- If you happen to be near Granada, it is imperative that you visit the Alhambra Palace, a pristine jewel from the Moorish occupation of Spain.

14.- The view is constantly changing and always amazing. It can be Almería, or Málaga, maybe a nice beach in Huelva, or a lagoon with flamingos in Fuente de Piedra.

15.- Not even the gas bill is a bother, because with a weekly fill up, one can easily cover 900 kilometers (570 miles). Our campers are extremely economical.

16.- The little ones love the option of sleeping in bunk beds, which will have to be carefully organized, so that everyone can take turns sleeping on top.

cocina lola - Exploring & Discovering Andalusia by VW Campervan17.- Of course you will have a 2 ring burner, and each camper has its own refrigerator, electrical supply and running water, along with all basic necessities, just like at home.

18.- Every one of your campervans is extremely clean and tidy.

19.- You will find your camper a joy to drive, easy to maneuver and it will be the center of attention wherever you go.flamenco campers team - Exploring & Discovering Andalusia by VW Campervan

20.- It’s probably clear by now that Andalusia is going to be your center of operations and that Lola, Manuela and Carmela are the campervans for hire that are going to take you on a enchanting tour of this magical land, fulfilling our dreams thanks to Gonzalo and Carolina, the owners.

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