Top Campsites Andalucía and Wild Camping Tips

Welcome to the 3th part of my Andalucía Tour reports!

After having introduced you to “Lola”, now it is the turn of the campsites: different types of accommodation, not only campsites.

We have outlined the map-route clockwise.

But that’s enough for a preface, now let’s get to the point!

NIGHT 1: Camping EL SUR – Ronda

Camping “El Sur” is located a few hundred metres outside the amazing city of Ronda. The course is signposted on site and fairly easy to find.

We were received in a very friendly way but, to the owner’s disappointment, we announced we wanted to stay for just one night. We found the price (€ 22 for one night, without electricity) quite acceptable.

The place is fairly large and you can find plots, cottages, a playground, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

Ronda can be easily reached on foot if you are not afraid of a little hike, and excellent if you have a bike!

As it was our first day, we had to deal with a few little drawbacks: how to manage “Lola” in a skilful way and how to get to our “Camping El Sur” before darkness.

In order not to allow the start of our tour to be stressful, we chose the neighbouring restaurant to feel the sense of “we have arrived” in our hearts.

The menu consisted of five tapas and a large glass of beer or sangría for € 9.90. Bought!

This meal after a long tiring day provided us with a deep and restful sleep.

The next morning we were on our walk to Ronda. We knew we had to check-out by 13:30 if we didn’t want to be overcharged. The additional cost was so small that we preferred to pay for it instead of strolling around looking for a parking place for Lola.

Dr Camp’s conclusion to “Camping El Sur”: Nice location with plenty of shade, adequate sanitary equipment, a nice restaurant and a very friendly staff, therefore … thumbs up!

NIGHTS 2 and 3: “Camping Tarifa” – Tarifa

To know more about exciting experiences in Tarifa ─the southernmost point of Europe─, you can read a detailed report in Part 1.

“Camping Tarifa” was recommended to us by Gonzalo, the owner of Flamenco Campers, which proved to be a real hit!