Choosing your itinerary for your Flamenco Campers Andalusia adventure can be a challenge; there are just so many compelling options!

Maybe you want to travel to Europe’s only desert, in the east of Andalusia, and explore the stunning beauty of the semi-arid Cabo de Gata coastal natural park. Perhaps you prefer the mountains, from the snow-capped peaks of Sierra Nevada to the forests of Andalusia’s many protected parks. Of course, the beaches of Southern Spain are amongst the best in Europe, from the virgin coasts of the Atlantic to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean.

So which part of Andalusian nature do you prefer?


Andalusia is so remarkably diverse thanks to its unique location – we’re a region that joins the Mediterranean and the Atlantic; and we are where Europe almost touches Africa.

This has created an amazing natural environment that allows so much flora and fauna to flourish; from desert to forest, from sea to ocean. Andalusia boasts some 200 protected natural areas, covering about 31% of southern Spain – that’s even more remarkable when you consider how huge is Andalusia, extending over 87,000 km ² – that’s almost the size of our neighbour, Portugal.

Of the 124 types of habitats that the EU considers of interest in Spain, 76 are represented in Andalusia. The same is true of species. Taking as reference the list of flora and fauna that the EU considers of special attention within Spain, Andalusia is home to 51 out of the 95 plant species listed; 17 out of the 19 mammals; 12 out of the 17 fish; 5 out of 9 reptiles; 1 out of the 3 amphibians; and 14 out of the 22 invertebrates.

That means 100 out of the 165 notable species in Spain are in Andalusia; that’s 60%. In short Andalusia is a paradise for nature lovers; and there is no better way to get close to nature that hiring a campervan from Flamenco Campers.

Flora Hotspot

The case for flora is particularly striking, since of the 8,000 species and subspecies of higher plants estimated to grow in Spain, about 4,000 of these are represented in Andalusia.

What’s more, Andalusia has 463 exclusive endemic species, plants which only grow in this region and nowhere else on earth. Compare that for example to France, where 103 endemic species have been described, or 5 in Germany and 15 in Britain.

At the European level it’s clear that Andalusia, the south of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the major flora hotspots of the continent, only comparable to the Canary Islands or Greece.

If you love nature; you’ll fall in love with Andalusia! Contact us and find out how easy it is to rent a campervan from Flamenco Campers and begin to discover Andalusia!