Diving is a sport that offers a range of feelings difficult to achieve by other ways and is also a great way to escape the pervasive heat. Therefore we want to propose a way to know Andalusia through its coastline and seabed.

This is a route that we propose, but you can modify it based on your interests, your expertise or time you have available:

  • The diving activity in Cadiz traditionally focuses on three areas: from Tarifa to Punta Camarinal, from Barbate to Cabo Roche and from Sancti-Petri to the Bay of Cadiz. We especially recommend Las Cuevas, in the west area of the Tarifa Island with an incredible maze of corridors and tunnels.
  • Diving enthusiasts will find in Granada an offer that stands out for its rich marine life and concentrated in two zones: the strip of Castell de Ferro to Calahonda and as known as La Herradura, in the town of Almuñecar. In La Huerta you may enjoy a dive between large boulders fallen from the cliff of Cerro Gordo ideal for beginner divers and with very benthic fauna.
  • Divers from the province of Huelva preferred for their dives spaces located between two mouths, the Odiel river, near the capital, and the Guadiana River in the town of Ayamonte. If you want to live an unforgettable dive, we recommend the Empire Warrior (near to Ayamonte), where the dive takes place in the wreckage of the merchant ship about 18 meters deep.
  • Almeria is the paradise of diving in Andalucia, offering inmumerables possibilities for practicing the sport, from the East of Almeria to the Entinas or Sna Miguel Bay, through the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar. We especially like El Ancla in an area formerly used for mooring of commercial vessels that offers refuge to moray eels, conger eels and royal mullets, among many other species.
  • Diving enthusiasts in Malaga can practice their favorite sport in any season, but generally points away from the coastal. Sporting activity is mainly concentrated in the bay of Marbella and the stretch between Punta de Calaburra and Cabo Pino. We especially like El Vivero, near to the marina of Marbella and thats scroll through the interior of a Galician fishing wreck with groupers, eels, morays, brótolas, bream, golden scorpion.

Although it may seem that diving is a sport complex, it is quite easy to obtain the necessary qualifications and not to do from the beginning the expenditure required to purchase the equipment, since most Andalusian dive clubs can rent it as part of their recreational activities.

Just do not forget that when it comes to this sport, it must be aware of the degree of difficulty of the different areas and diving, one must adapt himself to each zone or have the company of an experienced diver.

On the other hand, if we go to dive in a area designated as protected open area, we need to obtain first a permit to dive and take it with us (something on what we can be help by local dive clubs).

A campervan is the perfect complement to this activity, allowing to travel from dive site to dive site, taking with us the necessary equipment and our home, saving money and enjoying a real summer adventure.

All right, if this is your hobby and you like this route, hire a Flamenco Camper and go diving.