Take your next campervan holiday to new heights, with Flamenco Campers

Climbing is an increasingly popular way to enjoy the great outdoors, and there appears to be a real overlap with camper lovers and mountain lovers! Yes, we’ve found that many of our clients love to take a camper van up into the sierras and enjoy the remarkable limestone landscapes of southern Spain.

climbing - Rock Climbing in Andalusia

Of all the mountaineering sports, climbing is a true physical and mental challenge; and if you love climbing, then you will adore Andalucia!

So, rent a campervan from Flamenco Campers in Malaga and enjoy one of the most spectacular climbing experiences in Europe!
Climb Andalusia!

andalusia climbing - Rock Climbing in Andalusia

Most of the climbing opportunities in Andalucia are on limestone – and all promise not only challenging climbs but spectacular scenery too.

caminito del rey - Rock Climbing in Andalusia

Malaga Province has some of the most popular climbing locations, including the world-famous El Chorro, with its spectacular gorge.

El Torcal de Antequera also promises some memorable crags.

If you take your camper west to the province of Cadiz, your find the remarkable natural park of Grazalema. Here the rugged mountains landscape is a climber’s dream.

el torcal - Rock Climbing in Andalusia

Tarifa and the Atlantic coast of Andalucia is the heart of Spain’s vanlife culture. Its sea, surf…and mountains too. The San Bartolomé mountains are a favourite with climbers-in-the- know and offer the chance to climb some of the most varied routes in Southern Spain in the morning – and then chill on the pristine beaches of Tarifa in the evening!

For camping, try Campsite Valdevaqueros, opposite one of the best beaches in the area.

el torcal2 - Rock Climbing in Andalusia

If you prefer the semi-arid landscape and claimed of desert Andalucia, then drive out east to Almeria.Here, the climbing is at lower heights, yet no less demanding. And what’s more you’ll be close to some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean!
For camping, try Camping Playa Aguadulce.


As an experienced climber you’ll be familiar with the equipment you need, including your own rock shoes and harness as well as ropes and karabiners for safety. You can source material locally too, such as magnesium powder to keep your hands dry. In addition, here at Flamenco Campers we can arrange for you to hire rock climbing gear too, so you can pack lighter.

With Flamenco Campers, we can take your next climbing holiday to new heights!