Enjoy the mountains and the sea from a whole new perspective

Southern Spain is recognised as one of Europe’s greatest destinations for outdoor adventure activities. Here at Flamenco Campers we love the great outdoors and we believe there’s no better way to experience the incredible diversity of adventure activities in Andalusia, than in a camper van!

canyon - Andalusian Adventure Activities with Flamenco Campers

Our camper van fleet is perfect for lovers of adventure and nature. We offer a truly comprehensive selection of additional travel items that you can rent from us, so your camper van holiday can be completely personalised. When you’re making your booking, let us know what you’d like, and we’ll prepare everything. You want a zodiac? No problem? Mountain bikes? Yes. Camping kit? Sure.

We can help with your itinerary too and recommend the best locations for your favourite activities. So, rent a Campervan from Malaga with Flamenco Campers and you can be confident that you’ll have everything ready to go.
So, as soon as you arrive you be ready to hit the road and et the adventure begins!

The best choice of adventure activities

The attraction of heading to Andalusia is that this part of Europe combines the adventure of mountains, rivers and dramatic natural landscapes with the thrill of water sports in the sparkling Mediterranean too. Here’s some inspiration to help you plane you next campervan holiday in Spain with Flamenco Campers.

From Rivers to the Sea

With Andalusia’s beautiful climate, water-sports are real pleasure. Exploring the rivers of Southern Spain or experiencing adrenalin-pumping activities in the Mediterranean is a fantastic way to have the best summer ever.

canyoning - Andalusian Adventure Activities with Flamenco Campers

This adventure activity offers you a unique way to explore and experience the remarkable river canyons and gorges of Andalucia. Many of the most spectacular rivers in the region can only be accessed by canyoning. It’s important to have all the correct equipment and to go with a guide – as access is often restricted and there are health and safety rules to follow. At Flamenco Campers we can recommend certified and experienced guides.

For safe family fun, try the river gorges around Marbella, including the Rio Guadalmina that runs through Benahavis. This mountain village is also a superb place to eat with bars and restaurants for all tastes and budgets.
For an overnight stop, this is a great area to enjoy all the pleasures of the countryside and the coast. Campsites include:
Campsite La Bella Vista

Flamenco Campers recommends this campsite near Estepona. Superb site right on the Mediterranean – easy access to the mountains and the sea, perfect for types of adventure activities.

paddleboard - Andalusian Adventure Activities with Flamenco Campers

For more experienced people, the canyoning at Rio Verde is world-class. Known as baranquismo in Spanish, canyoning with a group is great fun. Rio Verde is a protected environment, and access is only allowed with a guide. You will see the river from a unique [respective – enjoying parts that are within dramatic rock gorges, totally inaccessible, except from the water.
The surrounding area offers an authentic rural Andalusian experience, with friendly village bars and restaurants.


This is a wonderful way to enjoy the sea with all the family. Even without any experience one can quickly master the double-bladed paddle and manoeuvre easily. If you are travelling with youngsters, you can go out in a twin kayak.
Stand Up Paddle Surf

kayak - Andalusian Adventure Activities with Flamenco Campers

This activity is taking the world by storm – you’ve got to try it! It’s perfect too for the calm waters of the Mediterranean. You use a surf board but stand up and manoeuvre with the help of a long-handled paddle that you hold vertically.

From the Mountains to the Sky

Head inland with tour Flamenco Campers van and the world is your oyster. The choice of adventure activities in rural Andalucia is astonishing.

Sky Diving

Andalucia is one of the best places es in Europe to skydive. Seville province is a favourite drop zone, with typically calm weather conditions, and great visibility. Jumping out of a plane at 4,500 metres is sure to make your Flamenco Campers holiday the most memorable ever! We can recommend highly experienced experts who offer tandem jumps to assure you of a safe and fun experience.

skydiving - Andalusian Adventure Activities with Flamenco Campers

Seville, the capital of Andalucia, is also one of the regions most cultural rich areas, with so much to see! Check out our post of Seville for loads of inspiration.


The mountains of Andalucia are remarkable. Did you know, that after Switzerland, Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe? Well, all those mountains make for great outdoor adventure activities and at Flamenco Campers we know the best places. How about caving?

Close to the picturesque mountain town of Ronda, is the Sierra de las Nieves natural park. Here there are some spectacular limestone caves for exploring. Then afterwards you can enjoy the beautiful town of Ronda, with its superb choices of places to eat. Read our post on the White Villages of Andalusia for even more inspiration.

Camping is easy too, with lots of options. If you want to be close to Ronda then try Campsite El Sur – this terraced campsite is a few minutes’ drive from the town of Ronda, and you can get a taxi if you want to eat out in the town.

Horse Riding

Horses are an integral part of Andalusian culture and it is easy to find horse riding opportunities – from the desert of Almeria, to the forested valleys of Malaga.

horserriding - Andalusian Adventure Activities with Flamenco Campers

For more inspiration and ideas of outdoor activities with Flamenco Campers, read our posts on Rock Climbing in Andalucia with Flamenco Campers, and also our Bird Watching Routes in Andalucia with Flamenco Campers.