Inspiration for an Ornithological Campervan Route with Flamenco Campers

Travellers come from all over Europe to enjoy the unique bird watching in Andalucia. At Flamenco Campers we are experienced at helping our nature-loving guests get the most out of their visits to the region.

Andalucia is the southernmost point of the continent, where Europe almost touches Africa, which is just 14 km away at the closest point.
This makes the Strait of Gibraltar one of the world’s great migratory routes of birds.

Also, Andalusia has unique wetland habitats, ancient forests and stunning mountains making southern Spain one of the finest locations in Europe for birdlife.

So, rent a camper from Flamenco Campers and prepare to experience some wonderful birdwatching!


Spring and Autumn are some of the best times of year to enjoy a campervan, and they are also the optimum seasons to enjoy bird-watching. The seasonal migrations between Spain and Morocco, across the Strait of Gibraltar are something to behold for any keen birder or naturalist.
When one reaches the campervan paradise of Tarifa, one has arrived at a unique place in Europe. This is where the two continents of Africa and Europe meet; and where the Atlantic mixes with the Mediterranean.

This is where you can catch sight of remarkable flocks of birds as they cross from one continent to the other. Expect to see raptors and seabirds, including storks, buzzards, and kites.


Head further west and you will reach Doñana National Park, an area of international importance. These wetlands are of huge significance where you can see warblers, herons, waders, ducks, and eagles.

If you enjoy discovering the authentic white villages of southern Spain, then take a route inland to Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve – a real hidden gem. This lake in northern Malaga is renowned for its flamingos, as it is one of their most important breeding areas in the Mediterranean. You can also catch sight of larks, buzzards and curlews.

Coastal ornithology

One of our favourite campervan destinations is Almeria, where not only can you find Europe’s only desert, but also the remarkable semi-arid coastal nature reserve of Cabo de Gata. Here there is a rich diversity of habitats including the salt plains of Las Salinas, where you can see many seasonal visitors such as flamingos, storks and sandpipers.