Discover beautiful walking routes of Southern Spain

If you love to explore on foot, then taking a holiday with a Flamenco Campers van is the very best way to get unprecedented access to some of the best hiking and trekking routes in the Mediterranean.

Andalucia is the region of Spain with the greatest diversity of nature and amongst the highest biodiversity in the world. For hikers, that means there is so much to discover.

Hiking on the beach

Littler wonder that southern Spain has the most protected areas in the country and travelling by Campervan is a superb way to enjoy these special places.

There are two main National Parks in Andalucia; the Sierra Nevada National Park and the Doñana National Park. In addition, the natural park of Sierra de la Nieves is now becoming a national park too. Add to these a wealth of mountain and coastal natural park reserves, and there are some remarkable areas to explore.

sierra nevada trekking

When you rent your Campervan from Malaga with Flamenco Campers, your can also hire additional equipment and items for your hiking trip. You want additional camping kit? No problem we will put it in the van. You want chairs and a table to set up a meal in the countryside? Of course, we will make sure you have them.

So, pack your comfiest boots and your favourite socks and get read to have the best hiking and trekking holiday ever!

La Concha, Marbella, Malaga

If you want to combine beach and mountain with your holiday, then conquering La Concha mountain is the option for you. This peak of the beautiful Sierra Blanca mountain range is the mountain that protects Marbella and gives the area its unique microclimate. The mountain looks a little like a large shell, hence its name La Concha. The climb to the top takes around 3 hours. The views at the top are amazing! You can see out across the coast, the Mediterranean and on to Africa! It’s a very special route.

marbella Hiking

For camping, we recommend: Campsite Cabo Pino.

This site is east of Marbella, but the sea. Cabo Pino, meaning cape of pines, is just that – a small peninsula of protected landscape covered in pine trees. It’s close to Marbella yet feels worlds away. You can enjoy great facilities and spend a day resting those weary legs on some of the best beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Caminito de Rey, El Chorro, Malaga

Whilst still in Malaga province, we must mention the Caminito del Rey, the Kings little footpath. This vertiginous hiking route where much of the way clings to the sheer mountainside, was once considered the world’s scariest walkway! Now it’s been fully restored and is a great family day out – suitable for kids from 8 years and older.

The route is on elevated walkways and on paths that run through the natural river gorge – it’s spectacular scenery, that is only accessible by taking the caminito.

Every year the infrastructure is improving for campervan visitors to the Caminito del Rey. For an overnight in the area, you can try Dos Alamos

Los Cahorros gorge, Los Cahorros de Monachil, Granada

Granada province is home to mainland Spain’s highest peak; a ski resort; and also the wonders of the Alhambra – a remarkable diversity of attractions.

For hikers with a sense of adventure, we recommend you visit the hanging suspension bridges of