VW T2b Microbus Deluxe 1976

Josephine is an iconic master piece. She is a VW T2b Early Bay built up in April 1976 and it is a Microbus Deluxe model for 9 passengers. It has a 1600 cc boxer engine with 52 HP.

The owners of a wine-growing farm from Seville bought her in Germany with the purpose of moving workers throughout the fieldwork. For many years she didn´t even have a license because she was only used inside the farm field, until 1983 when she got the license. After, she was stored in the farm stables for 28 years, not being used at all.

When we rescued her she had 46,486 km on her speedometer and she was in very healthy conditions. Its interior was completely original. She only needed a good set up service to let her enjoy kicking the road again.

Josephine fits 8 passengers and its hire rate is 350 € for the hire service.

What is included in the hire service?