Take part, you could enjoy your next Flamenco Campers holiday for FREE!

All participants receive 5% off their next Flamenco Campers rental.

It’s so easy to take part, simply share videos & photos from your Flamenco Campers holiday adventures & escapades on social media with the hashtag #FlamencoCampers.

We have prizes for:

Best Flamenco Campers VIDEO
Best Flamenco Campers PHOTO
Best Flamenco Campers TRAVEL STORY

We’re not looking for technical expertise; this is a fun contest, so we’re looking for the most creative capture of the fun and freedom of Flamenco Campers.

So, think humour, friends, family, happiness, Andalucia, and of course campers!

Here are the simple guidelines of the contest:

  • Please follow Flamenco Campers @FlamencoCampers on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.
  • Capture the essence of your Flamenco Campers campervan holiday with a digital photograph or smartphone video.
  • Each photo or video should include your Flamenco Campers campervan.
  • Post your photograph and/or video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #FlamencoCampers.
  • Please share the link & file with us.

You can enter as many road trip stories, photos and videos as you like!

Our terms & conditions regarding story word count, photo size, video length and qualifying camper hire period, are sent by email to all of our customers, if you can’t find yours, please contact us.

This is the first video that arrives for the contest, sent by Jacquemin Lize.