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Campervans & Motorhomes – the Safe & Healthy way to Holiday in Spain

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Travel is entering a new era, where the focus is on personal control, hygiene, and wellness. Following the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, travel is more personal, more intimate, more mindful – and Campervans and Motorhomes are ideally suited to [...]

10 Places in Southern Spain You MUST Visit in a Campervan

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Andalusia is one of Europe’s most spectacular destinations for a campervan or motorhome holiday. At Flamenco Campers we believe that Southern Spain has it all. The best climate in Europe, stunning national parks, snowy mountain peaks, golden beaches, historic [...]

Visiting the crystal Geode of Pulpi – a unique Flamenco Campers Itinerary

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Discover an extraordinary crystal cave, travel to Europe’s only desert and overnight by the Mediterranean. Are you looking for something really different for your next campervan or motorhome holiday in Spain? Then this itinerary is for you. Here we [...]

5 compelling reasons to choose a campervan holiday in Southern Spain

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Have you joined the camper van travel revolution? More than ever, travellers are discovering the unique pleasures of camper van holidays. Here are 5 reasons why Southern Spain should be your next destination for a camper van or motorhome [...]

Andalusian Adventure Activities with Flamenco Campers

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Enjoy the mountains and the sea from a whole new perspective Southern Spain is recognised as one of Europe’s greatest destinations for outdoor adventure activities. Here at Flamenco Campers we love the great outdoors and we believe there’s no better [...]

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