At the last edition of VanFest, we met the players of this super tour around most of Europe, Jane and Paul Watling.

These travelers along with Colin, their campervan ´72 VW T2 Westfalia, toured for 7 months (207 days) those 15,685 km that made them pass through 15 countries, 3 principalities and 5 islands.

During their trip, its partner Colin behaved like a real champ, but also need some help on the way, a clutch, throttle cable, suffered a flood and fire, she need a visit from 8 mechanics and be towed by a breakdown van. Not much in so many miles for a vehicle 40 years old.

Of course passed through Spain, get in by Santander, came to Tarifa and left through the Pyrenees on their way to France and the rest of Europe. In our country had a great time and enjoyed so much.

Here you have the report of this tour on their visit to our country and our neighbor Portugal.

VW Camper & Bus Ago.11