For quite a few years we have done adventures as a family and our most recent trip, with VW Manuela, around Andalusia and into Portugal was by far one of the most enjoyable trips we have taken. 

We were sold instantly on the idea of renting from Gonzalo who was so passionate about camping and so full of fun that he named all VW vans!  Everything about our rental experience was smooth and hassle free. 

We were picked up easily at the airport and whisked away to get set up in our camper. Gonzalo shared with us his love for the area of Spain and he helped us with ideas of where to go.  While many things about our experience with Flamenco Campers was exceptional, one thing that stood out was the thought and attention that had gone into all the stocked items in the camper.  We have rented campers in the past from other companies, but it was obvious that Gonzalo had put much time and attention into the items he had in the camper so they worked ‘just right’- and that made our experience that much more enjoyable.

We cannot say enough good things about Gonzalo and Flamenco Campers except that we want to go back!  His contagious enthusiasm for exploring Spain in a VW will have you planning your next trip before the photos are even off your camera from your first trip. Ola!