Hi, it’s Pablo and Maria and we’ve been enjoying a family mini-vacation. We went in group, and rented two campervans to tour the western part of Andalusia, specifically Tarifa, Bologna, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes, Los Caños de Meca, Zahora and Conil.

They have been unforgettable days, the children were very happy, for them it has been wonderful, they have played a lot and have had a wonderful time.

Choosing Flamenco Campers has been a success . The furgos are in perfect condition, spacious and very comfortable, with everything necessary for our trip. In addition, if you need some extra, they provide it without having to look for it yourself.

They are formal and very close, we found in Gonzalo a friend who advised us on everything necessary, everything was on wheels (never better said).

If you come by plane or train, you are picked up and taken free to the airport or station, and if you go in your car, you can keep it in their ship until you return with the van (if they have free seats), which is a plus, because you save a peak in transfers and parking.

We loved the camping in Valdevaqueros, it’s perfect, it’s very well cared for, with a lawn floor and lots of vegetation, swimming pool, children’s playground (which was always closed by our children), tennis court, pizzeria and new and very clean bathrooms and showers. If you are in the area, it is perfect for parking, it has fantastic facilities. They have wifi, you can wash your clothes or car or receive a package by post.

In Tarifa we had dinner one night in the restaurant El Tesoro , we were surprised by the gastronomy of the area (the retinal meat is excellent), and the attention of its owner was quite a luxury.

It is essential to take a walk through the La Breña Natural Park, in Barbate , is pure vegetation, where you can make routes on foot or by bike with incredible views of the Trafalgar Lighthouse.

We also liked the camping Camaleón in Los Caños de Meca , with a lot of vegetation, children’s activities and some very curious shops, it is worth visiting.

We knew it would be nice, but it has been more than that, we have spent some wonderful days in family, the experience in camper is another world, you have to try it.