Clive and I have never been camping in a tent, Motorhome or anything but decided to give Flamenco Campers a try.

We hired the Campervan Manuela and we had an amazing time. The campsites that Gonzalo recommended were fantastic and we visited other campsites too which were also lovely. 

We had three small dogs but this never became a problem.  There was not a campsite that we went to that we had a problem with. 

The last Campsite, La Casita was very quiet and the Restaurant was shut on the campsite but it was a beautiful area and the dogs could run free.

The scenery between Malaga and Cadiz were out of this world and this is coming from people that live in Almeria, Spain. 

We met some very lovely fellow campers, had superb meals along the way and even better than that for us, we were able to take our three small dogs with us on tour.  

Thank you Flamenco Campers for a wonderful holiday, you have opened our eyes to a new life