We, Madeleine and me, planned visiting the heritage of the Arabian Andalucía for some time, but the question was always how to travel around to see all the amazing places?

I remembered travelling with my parents many years ago with a Camper Van through France- one of my childhood memories- so I proposed to hire a van for the same purpose in Spain. Madeleine thought this to be a good idea, so we contacted Flamenco Campers. All we needed was a flight to Malaga. Gonzalo picked us up at the airport and after a short introduction into the features of Lola off we went.

Our tour took us to Ronda, Seville, Carmona, Cordoba and as the great finale, to Granada. Always flexible to make a stop when something interesting was coming up, no hotel bookings necessary and enough camping sites along the way, makes travelling most convenient and the experience very dense. Even when you do not have so much time.

Thanks to Gonzalo and his well maintained- easy to drive lady Lola, we could make the most out of the time. Greetings to him and his curly little water dog…