Initially, we fell in love with the looks of Lola. We imagined how cool it would be if we could travel through Andalucia with this funny camper.

In the summer we decided to take the chance and booked Lola for a week in October. The booking process was smooth, as well as the airport pick-up service. We received proper instructions on all functionalities of the camper (this was our first camper trip) and off we went. 

It was just as nice as we imagined, maybe even nicer…. How releaxed is it that when you are traveling you have everything at hand. When you drive to a National Park for a walk and the weather changes, you have a raincoat or umbrella at hand! You can prepare coffee or lunch wherever you like!

Everything we needed during the trip was available. There was plenty of storage place for the two of us, our luggage and the groceries.

It was only the weather that could have been slightly better….​