The plan to explore Andalusia with a camper was made quite early.

We definitely wanted to try it. While searching the Internet for a suitable Camper, we felt in good hands on the website of Flamenco Campers. It soon became clear that Merche would be our faithful companion for the next 13 days.

After Gonzalo had picked us up from the airport in Malaga, we arrived at the Camper Base in just a few minutes. Gonzalo introduced us to Merche and explained to us kindly and patiently the whole handling. Especially the good insider tips to beautiful campsites and places of interest were very helpful to us.

Late in the evening our unforgettable trip through Andalusia began. Very quickly we got used to the big car and the automatic circuit. The next days were very varied and full of new impressions.

With few minutes spent per day for tidying up the car and with little luggage to store, we could enjoy our holiday with the camper very much.