We first thought about a trip to Andulcia in the summer of 2016. 

We wanted to tour in the off season so began searching the Internet for campervans to rent for two weeks in January 2017.  After contacting several different companies it soon became apparent that Flamenco Campers was the company that we wanted to deal with. 

Gonzalo, the owner, was very prompt in replying to our emails and patiently answered all of our many inquires.  He had a professional but easy going approach to the whole renting process.  He provided us with lots of useful information and the entire booking application went very smoothly. 

We arrived at his shop on January 12 and received a through outline of everything we needed to know about camping in Pepa for two weeks.  This included tourist brochures and recommended campsites along our route.  We headed east from Malaga and headed first to Almeria and the National Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar.  We then went inland to Granada, Córdoba and Seville. 

We finished our tour by heading to Cadiz and then along the Atlantic to Tarifa and back to Malaga.  This was a total of about 1500 km and over the two weeks allowed us to camp along the Mediterranean, tour the historical sites in the large cities and camp along the Atlantic. 

Pepa was very comfortable to drive, large enough to have plenty of space for the two of us and small enough to be able to navigate the narrow streets in the small towns. 

We managed to navigate reasonably well with google maps when we had Wifi and a maps.me app that we could use off line.  Doing it again we would probably recommend renting a GPS from Gonzalo. 

All in all our first trip to Spain was very enjoyable and we loved camping in Pepa.  Thanks Gonzalo for all of your help.