Yannick and I are very pleased with our Flamenco Campers experience. We absolutely LOVED Lola! It was our first experience with a campervan and we absolutely enjoyed it!. From the second I found Flamenco Campers on the internet, I knew that our trip would be planned with one of these campervans!

Halfway october 2013 we flew from Belgium to Malaga. This was the startpoint of our first roadtrip. We visited Malaga itself, stayed in Estepona and drove along to Tarifa where we did a wonderful dolphin and whale watching tour with FIRMM! Then we went to Cádiz, the Doñana National Park, Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada. From Granada we drove through a bit of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and then we did an unforgettable horseback riding trip in Albuñuelas. After this, we stayed  2 days in Nerja to do some diving. We saw wonderful nudibranchs, some squids (with a little cloud of ink!), lots of fish, …

Aside the beautiful various country we absolutely enjoyed our trip with Lola. The driving itself was very comfortable! We drove on highways, little sand roads and everything in between. We saw the sea, some mountains, beautiful panoramic views etc. If you consider the fact that you live in a car for about 1500 km, all the facilities were absolutely sufficient. A bed, storage, little kitchen, sink and toilet. You wouldn’t expect all this to fit in one car, but it did and it was very comfortable as well!. While staying at some campsites, other people were staring at our Lola, asking questions about her. “Where does she come from, what facilities do you have inside, ….” On the road other people would look up as we drove by! Lola does stand out, and she deserves it!

To resume: our trip was unforgettable! Thanks to the beautiful Andalucia and thanks to Lola!. Thank you Gonzalo for making it possible with Lola and for the very friendly contact we had with you !