HymerCar Grand Canyon MaxiCamper

Enjoy the freedom, fun and flexibility of a campervan holiday!
Wherever you explore, whatever your interests, with LOLA you will always have the same destination:  a memorable holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean. Take to the open road in your very own holiday-home-on-wheels; a Flamenco Campers campervan. Each is designed and equipped to be practical, comfortable and cosy. All you have to do is relax and enjoy an adventurous vacation exploring Andalusia.

ico precio en - Lola Land

ico precio en - Lola Land

HymerCar Grand Canyon MaxiCamper Pop-up Roof
2017 2.3 TDI 6 spd. 150 hp CO2 EU6 174 gr/km
On board day/night: 4 passengers (2 adults + 2 kids)

  • Air conditioned at main cabin.
  • Static heating system at living area.
  • Radio with AUX and USB conecction for your MP3 device.
  • Hymer Camper Facilities:
    • Two double beds on sizes 1,40 x 1,95 mts (lower) & 1,35 x 2,00 mts (upper).
    • Gas stove with 2 burners.
    • Sink with tab and 100 lts capability fresh water tank. 
    • 90 lts capability compressor fridge.
    • Lavatory with hot water shower.
    • Multiple cabinets to stow all your luggage, provisions and kitchen utensils.
    • Interior foldable table to enjoy your meals or just write on your roadtrip book.
    • Front rotatory seats.
    • LED interior lights.
    • Multiple 12 V conections for device charging.
    • 220 V outdoor socket to charge leissure batery and to have indoor power.
    • Blinds at all windows.
    • Large capability boot.

We also include a folder with information on the vehicle and the Campsites Network in Andalusia.

Basic equipment on board

Interior layout

hymer inner dist - Lola Land

Optional Extras
Terms and Conditions

Early Booking Credit Bonus:
between 151 & 210 days (5-7 months): 5%
between 211 & 270 days (7-9 months): 10%
+270 Days (+9 months): 15%

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