Rental Terms & General Conditions

So, here’s the ‘small print’ that explains the basis of the agreement between us here at Flamenco Campers and you, our valued client who is renting one of our campers.

These Rental Terms and General Conditions are standard, but please do read them as they form the binding agreement between us. If there is any part that you would like clarified, please let us know. These T&Cs are designed to protect us both from misunderstandings.

These Rental Terms & General Conditions from part of the vehicle rental contract to be signed between the two parties: the company (that’s us) Flamenco Campers & Vans SL, hereinafter referred for brevity as ‘FC COMPANY’ (the lessor) and you, hereinafter referred to as the ‘client’ (the lessee).

Please read these terms and conditions:

  1. Scope, contents of the contract and applicable law.

1.1. The following Rental Terms & General Conditions of the FC COMPANY are the only applicable ones. Any conditions from the client that may be different or contrary to the Terms and Conditions of the FC COMPANY will not be accepted. These shall be also valid when the FC COMPANY hires a camper without a prior reservation, even knowing the differing conditions from the customer.

1.2. The contract signed with the client only entails the delivery of the camper under our rental conditions and, if previously agreed, including extra or optional accessories offered by FC COMPANY and reserved by the customer in advance.

1.3.A rental agreement shall be signed by the Client and the FC COMPANY when the vehicle is delivered, which shall be governed solely by Spanish Law, by the general conditions set forth in this contract and by the specific terms agreed between the parties. The Customer will organize his/her trip and shall use the vehicle under his/her own responsibility. The rental contract is limited to the period agreed by the parties, excluding any unspoken extension of said contract for an indefinite period of continued use.

1.4. All agreements between the company and the customer FC COMPANY shall be in writing, whether by electronic mail or post or personally.

  1. Minimum age and authorised drivers.

2.1. The Client’s age, and of any authorised driver (maximum 2 drivers) shall be at least 28. The driver shall have a Driver’s License Class B in force, for more than three years, or the equivalent License of his/her country of origin. If you do not live in the EU, you must have an international Driver’s Licence to drive these vehicles. The client shall pay an additional daily amount for every additional driver, which is established in the price list of FC COMPANY in force at the time of booking.

2.2. If at the time of delivery of the camper by FC COMPANY , the Client does not have the appropriate Driver’s License for vehicle rented, or if the document is false or inaccurate, it shall be considered for all purposes that the Client has failed to collect the camper, and therefore the conditions of cancellation of the Client’s binding reservation shall become immediately applicable according to item 4.2 detailed below, and the Client shall not have the right to any compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.

2.3. Only the Client and the drivers included in the rental contract may drive the vehicle, and they shall fulfil the conditions set forth in paragraph 2.1 hereto. At the time of booking the vehicle, the driver or drivers are obliged to send to FC COMPANY copies of the following documents:

  1. a) Identification Card or Passport.
  2. b) European Driver’s License or International Driver’s License.
  3. c) Credit card valid for the next 6 months from the date of hire.
  4. d) Statement or invoice (no older than 2 months) for a domestic utility (telephone, water, electricity, bank, etc …) confirming your address.

At the time of picking up the vehicle you must present all original documents. All authorised drivers will be personally responsible for any legal infringement in which they incur during the rental period. The Client expressly authorises FC COMPANY to charge to his/her credit card the economic consequences of any violation (speeding, parking etc.) committed during the rental period during the following twelve months.

  1. Prices and length of rental.

3.1. The rental price of the camper and the minimum rental period during the different seasons of the year are the ones listed in price list in force of FC COMPANY at the time of booking. Depending on the rental days reserved, the prices that appear in the list for the appropriate season shall be valid. For each rental, a fixed and sole amount will be charged for services rendered. An extra amount will be charged for excess mileage, if applicable. This extra amount can be checked in the FC COMPANY Price List in force at the time of reservation or when the contract is signed, the client expressly declaring that he/she is informed and accepts.

3.2. The rental prices for optional accessories are included in the valid price list of the FC COMPANY at the time of booking and the Client expressly acknowledges and accepts them.

3.3. The minimum rental period is four (4) days and the maximum is forty-five (45) days.

3.4. The rental prices include 21% VAT, unlimited ‘mileage’ kilometres for more than seven (+7) days of rental, fully comprehensive insurance under insurance coverage (see below Art. 11) and roadside assistance in case of failure. For shorter periods, a maximum distance of 200 km per day is permitted; excess ‘mileage’ kilometres beyond this is billed extra at a cost of € 0.40 + VAT per kilometre.

3.5. The rental period begins when the Client collects the campervan at the rental centre at the time agreed with FC COMPANY, and ends when the campervan is delivered by the customer at the same rental centre at the time agreed with FC COMPANY.

3.6. If the campervan is returned after the agreed time, the customer shall pay FC COMPANY the amount of 60 € + VAT for every hour of delay. However, the maximum charge per day of delay is 480 € + VAT. The client is responsible for all costs due to the delay in delivering the vehicle and especially for those expenses derived from the fact that another client or another person will potentially assert their rights against FC COMPANY as consequence of this delay.

3.7. In case of returning the vehicle before the expiry date of the rental contract, the Client is obliged to pay the full price agreed in the contract, and FC COMPANY shall not be obliged to reimburse any amount.

3.8. The campervan will be delivered with the fuel tank full and should be returned as such, full. If not, FC COMPANY will charge the customer the amount of the fuel necessary to fill the tank, with a surcharge of 100% for management fees. All fuel and maintenance expenses during the rental period will be at the customers charge. The fuel used is only DIESEL (It is expressly prohibited to use Biodiesel; therefore, the client shall be responsible for all expenses caused because of using a fuel other than standard diesel).

3.9. To return the vehicle in a different location than that of collection, a special agreement with FC COMPANY is required: The price of this service will be agreed before collecting the campervan.

  1. Booking

4.1. Reservations shall only be binding after confirmation from FC COMPANY and the subsequent payment of the 40% deposit by the Client depending on 4.2., and only for a category of vehicles, not for a specific brand or model of vehicle. This is also valid even if the description of vehicle category is indicated by way of a specific model.

FC COMPANY is obliged to provide a vehicle of the selected category. If the vehicle reserved is not available due to ‘force majeure’ circumstances, FC COMPANY reserves the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notice. The alternative vehicle will be as similar as possible to the one originally booked. FC COMPANY will reasonably determine if it should indemnify the Client and the amount, if the vehicle must be replaced.

4.2. Once FC COMPANY has delivered written confirmation of the reservation, the customer shall pay a deposit of 40% of the total price of the rental within a maximum period of 2 working days. From this time on the reservation shall be binding for both parties. If the client does not meet this deadline, it means that no reservation has been made by the Client, thus releasing FC COMPANY from any liability. If the customer cancels the binding reservation he/she will have to pay the following cancellation charges calculated from the first confirmed booking:

Up to 50 days before the starting rental period, 20% of the total rental price.

Between 25 and 49 days before the starting rental period, 50% of the total rental price.

Between 16 and 24 days before the starting rental period, 75% of the total rental price.

Between 15 and 8 days before the starting rental period, 90% of the total rental price.

Less than 7 days before the starting rental period, 100% of the total rental price.

4.3. You can change the date of rental once. To be valid, said change shall be notified at least 25 days in advance. The client shall inform of the new date chosen when informing of said change, and this new date must be within a 12-month period, starting from the first day of the original lease date. This service carries a surcharge of 20% of your rental, always with a minimum fee of 100 €.

  1. Payment terms and deposit.

5.1. The amount of rental price of the camper or motorhome, depending on the booking dates, shall be fully paid 25 days before the scheduled date for the start of the lease. PayPal and Credit Card payments (VISA & Mastercard) will be subject to an extra cost of 4,6% / 0,8% on the rental price, to cover bank charges billed to FC COMPANY. Payment with American Express is not accepted. FC COMPANY will only accept credit card payments, bank transfer or cash. All payments made by customers and money returns by FC COMPANY will be made in EURO (€).

5.2. At collecting the vehicle, the client shall pay SIX HUNDRED EUROS (600 €) / NINE HUNDRED EUROS (900 € on Lola & Macarena Campervan) with a valid credit card as deposit and guarantee of the faithful compliance of the contract obligations. Before FC COMPANY delivers the vehicle to the Client, both part