VW T3 Transporter

The T3 was the third generation of Volkswagen vans. Was generally known in Europe as Transporter or Caravelle, in the United Kingdom and Ireland as the T25 and in the U.S. as Vanagon. It was built from May 1979 until July 1992 and was the last of the rear-engine Volkswagen vans. Compared to its predecessor, the T2, the T3 was larger and heavier, with a new design of square corners that replaced the rounded edges of the older models.

The main strain in the configuration of the T3 was the camper version that Westfalia company develop throughout all the production model. This version was very popular and included a series of familiar comforts to enjoy a weekend excursion including a pop-up roof, refrigerator, sink and stove.

The models built between 1980 and 1985 are easily identified by the round headlights and chrome steel fenders with plastic end caps. In 1986 received a major overhaul, including a more luxurious interior, tachometer, more choices of upholstery, air conditioning, a water cooled bigger engine with a more advanced engine management system and a new design of transmission including an optional syncro 4WD. The exterior changes include rectangular headlights, which were probably the most remarkable change, different choices of paint, alloy wheels and larger and square plastic bumpers and square.