Flamenco Campers is a family business born with an adventurous and travel-oriented spirit.

Carolina, Gonzalo & Turko

We are campervan lovers and we bought our first camper in 2003.

After years of traditional camping trips with a tent, with our new campervan we discovered how wonderful these vehicles are for traveling, exploring or simply having a picnic out in one of many idyllic locations in Andalucía.

We want to share the pleasure of travelling in a campervan; the freedom to plan your holidays on your own explore Andalucia at your own pace in a well-equipped and stylish camper. So that’s why we’ve created Flamenco Campers. We are passionate about campervans, and we want to all the experience and knowledge we have gained during our trips throughout the years, providing you the same quality of service we would expect to receive.

my parents with our first campervanHere’s a picture of our parents and their VW Kombi T2).