Our Andalucian road-trip in Manuela was so much fun, we really enjoyed the freedom that comes with having a camper-van and being able to choose where to go and when, and where to stay each night. 

Gonzalo kindly collected us from the airport and took us to the Flamenco campers base.  Here, we were introduced to Manuela and Gonzalo showed us the ropes as well as lending us guide books, camp site maps and road maps of the whole region, all of which were indispensible!  We hired Manuela for 11 days and travelled to Almeria, Cabo de Gata national park, Granada and the Sierra Nevada mountains which were beautiful, followed by a flying visit to Seville, the Doñana national park safari in a dune buggy, and finally windsurfing in Tarifa. 

Manuela comes equipped with everything we could think of, including plenty of storage space, kitchen utensils, bedding and table and chairs, and we managed to cook some lovely dinners using the small kitchen inside.  The fridge was particularly useful for chilling beers!  The weather was perfect, the sunsets were gorgeous and the food was absolutely delicious.  We returned home relaxed, tanned and happy. 

We want to say thank you to Gonzalo and Carolina for our 2012 big adventure, which we can’t wait to repeat in the near future!