Great Outdoor Activities in Andalusia, the Active Travel Guide to explore Andalusia.

2017-10-16T12:09:45+01:00March 2012| is an Active Travel Guide for independent travelers to Andalusia. Through your favorite activity you will discover magic, nature and culture of southern Spain. Vayanda aims is to provide a list of locations where the traveler can perform different [...]

Paragliding in Andalusia, the paradise of the winds.

2017-10-16T12:09:49+01:00November 2011|

Andalusia offers an ideal climate for the practice of paragliding. It shows temperatures that, being mild in winter, rise markedly during the summer, by hot weather ​​conditions and intense sunlight which is excellent for paragliding, and, above all, present in [...]

Don’t get bored on your holidays, practice YouGoDo!!

2018-08-23T19:20:57+01:00November 2011|

If you are looking for some weird, wonderful or inspiration activities and experiences to do during your holiday in Andalusia, here are some of the more unusual and interesting YouGoDo activities around Andalusia. YouGoDo is the world's biggest activities and experiences site, [...]

Eurorando 2011, the adventure of trekking in Andalucia.

2017-10-16T12:09:52+01:00September 2011|

Sporting Event Eurorando Andalucía 2011 faces its final stage with new activities scheduled to be held between September 11 and October 15, for which 440 walkers from all over Europe have already registered since the opening of online registration deadline [...]

Kitesurfing and Campervans; forced to understand each others.

2017-10-16T12:09:53+01:00August 2011|

Kitesurfing is one of those "new sports" which aret increasily gaining followers. It's becoming much frequent seing its featured kites in many of our Andalusian beaches. It is historically documented that kites were already used for propeling boats in places [...]

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