Create your own Flamenco Campers holiday route visiting popular filming locations

The fantasy HBO television series ‘Game of Thrones’ has become an international phenomenon. The high-budget adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s series of novels, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ has become compulsive viewing for millions around the world.

castillo almodovar3 - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

The fictional continents of Westeros and Essos and their characters have been brought to life thanks to award-winning acting and exceptional special effects. Yet some of the greatest stars are the locations – many of which are in Spain!

Andalucia, with its exotic Moorish heritage, dramatic natural landscape has been a popular location for Game of Thrones.

Here are some highlights, to help you build your very own Game of Thrones campervan itinerary.


Head to the eastern most province of Andalucia and to the dramatic desert gorges of this arid landscape. Here in the iconic dry river beds of the Tabernas desert, was filmed scenes with hundreds of horsemen.

alcazaba almeria gameothrones2 - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

Also, on the Almeria coast, the remote 18th century fort of Mesa Roldan was also used as a location – this is a fascinating place to visit, as there is also a historic lighthouse here.

alcazaba almeria gameothrones1 - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

Almeria city’s ancient 12th century Alcazar fortress was also chosen to appear in Game of Thrones – look out for it in season 6.


Probably the most evocative of the locations used in Cordoba is the medieval castle, ‘Castillo de Almodóvar’, reimagined as Highgarden. It seems everyone wants an Instagram on that castle balcony now! It’s a great area to explore in a campervan too.

cordoba bridge gameothrones - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

The central Andalusian province of Cordoba has a wealth of UNESCO world heritage sites and is full of remarkable architecture. Cordoba city’s Roman Bridge is an amazing sight to behold – and the producers of Game of Thrones agreed. You can see it in season 6.


The capital of Andalucia is home to the medieval Alcazar, a legacy of Southern Spain’s Moorish past. The fortress is fascinating to explore with gardens too, with have appeared in season 7.

seville alcazaba gameofthrones2 - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

If you are discovering outside the city, it’s worth going to the Roman ruins at Italica, near the town of Santiponce. This became an extraordinarily wealthy part of the empire, exporting cereal crops and of course olive oil to across the Roman Empire.

seville alcazaba gameofthrones1 - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

Today one can still walk in the arena of the amazing amphitheatre, which was used in a scene in season 7.

seville alcazaba gameofthrones3 - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

Such has been the success of the locations to date that the final season 8 is set to return to Andalucia.

So, make your next Flamenco Campers holiday in Andalucia even more memorable with a visit to some of these remarkable and iconic places in Southern Spain.

castillo almodovar1 - Game of Thrones in Andalucia

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