Kite SurfKitesurfing is one of those “new sports” which aret increasily gaining followers. It’s becoming much frequent seing its featured kites in many of our Andalusian beaches.

It is historically documented that kites were already used for propeling boats in places like China and Indonesia. B it wasn’t until 1977 when the sport was officialy borned with the help of  Gijsbertus Adrianus, who devised a powered surfboard by a modified parachute. The spectacle of the sport and the strong feelings it provides have contributed to its popularity even though it requires a significant amount of equipment and some training for its practice.

Further more, to enjoy a full experience in the practice of Kitesurf requires a certain type of winds which are not at any beach, though there are many sites as WindGuru which provide appropriate beaches guidelines for the practice of this sport and includes real-time information on wind conditions in each of them.

Where does a camper fits in all this? It is simple: These vehicles are specifically designed for long trips and provide movility at the same time as all the amenities necessary for one not to miss your home along the trip. Furthermore, with the appropriate complement to transport all the material you need. So if you like KiteSurf, why not hiring a Flamenco Camper and spend your holidays touring the best beaches in Andalucia and practicing your sport? Those beaches you use to see on videos and magazines are just at a mouse click … Set your trip, choose your campervan and. …. lets fly!!!