Let’s get back to our Camper adventure with kids around Andalucia. Prepare your compass and pencil, the following stages of our trip cannot escape from your plans. In the first part of our article we ended up in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, enjoying the Guadalquivir river, Doñana and the stunning horses. Let’s continue!

Let’s get back to our Camper adventure with kids around Andalusia. Prepare your compass and pencil, the following stages of our trip cannot escape from your plans. In the first part of our article we ended up in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, enjoying the Guadalquivir river, Doñana and the stunning horses. Let’s continue!

Second Stage: The Forest / Grazalema – Fuente de piedra / Malaga- Granada. 220km

Camper in GrazalemaWe encourage you to not settle yet, there is still so much to see and enjoy, now you can come up to the Camper van and follow the road for just 100 km through Andalusia, and be ready to discover the inner Andalusia, you will not be sorry.  Brighten up your day and leave the coast to explore the inner side of Cadiz, you can set off to Natural Park of Grazalema, a magical place with small white villages which are fantastic for sightseeing, we specially recommend a break at El Bosque, a nice village where you will find the visitors center. Let’s go hiking with the children, a short, mysterious and unforgettable walk along the twisting Majaceite river.
This gorgeous area expells serenity, calm is guaranteed, your only worry is to find the best picnic spot, it’s up to you whether to choose a small waterfall or next to the pool.

We say farewell to Grazalema, see you soon. You may feel a little sad, but trust us, we have prepared a couple more smiles for you and your family and we will meet them with the Camper van. Look on the map, we cross to Malaga state, following the route from Fuente de Piedra towards another natural reserve, Malaga in camper with childrenLa Laguna de Fuente de Piedra (Stone spring Lake) close to Antequera in the province of Málaga. We have many surprises. The first one, watching it all on one leg, with its unique pink and orange color and its silhouette reflecting in wetlands, let me introduce to you the Flamingos. Here, in Malaga, in La Laguna is located the second largest colony in Europe, it is a great place to observe these peculiar birds arriving and departing over the lake will make a big smile on your face. But if anyone resists… get closer to Refugio del Burrito (Donkey Reserve) a center that not only performs the priceless work to take care of and protect this beautiful animal. Sensitive and intelligent, donkeys are reknown to have the special skill to help children with physical and / or psychological discapacities. From Flamenco Campers we confirm the burritos will get a big smile out of all of you. Who knows? Maybe you will even sponsor a burrito after this unforgettable experience!

Granada in camper van with children

And with your recent adoption (no worries, you do not need to carry them in the trunk, the Refuge keeps them in the shelter…), we’re shooting the last 160 km (100 miles) of the second stage.

We head to one of the most historical cities of Europe and one of the most beautiful and magical places in the world. Granada, the city of Kings and Caliphs, conquerers and adventurers, swords and guitars, bazaars and poems. Let’s enjoy Granada. The famous Mexican poet Francisco de Icaza remarked the beauty of the city through the verse, interceding for a blind beggar by saying “Give him alms, woman, there is not such a sorrow in life as being blind in Granada”. Walk up the hill, enjoy The Alhambra, go out for a walk and surround El Albaicin, La Alpujarra, walk the Darro and listen to the sound of the guitar strum. After a sightseeing walk we suggest a bit of Science making a pause at the Granada Sciences Park, offering many exhibitions and remarkable activities to get entertained in the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory with its Stars and planets! Let’s learn about those bright dots the kids are pointing up in the sky.

Having the chance to observe the rings of Saturn or the craters of the moon is something they will never forget.

Third Stage : Granada – Roquetas de Mar / Almería – Motril / Granada – Nerja / Malaga. 331 km

Almeria adventure in camper van with children

Enjoy Granada walks, but do not get lost in the enchantment of the moon. It`s time to go back to the Andalusian coast.

After 140 km of quiet road from Granada towards Almeria coast
will appearer the Tabernas desert. Almería’s far west movies set, just park the van and have some fun and become a Hollywood movie star! In Taverns you will find the Oasis Theme Park, which offers a zoological area and pools to have a drink and relax yourself, ready for the best Cowboy Village! Let every kid’s dream become real to be a Cowboy in the Far West? Walk on the same arid ground where Clint Eastwood filmed many of his Western movies, enter to the Saloon with your spike spur. Thousands of movies were filmed in these scenarios known among locals as the Mini Hollywood set. 

But the desert is ruthless, so we will finish our trip with water, a lot of fresh and clear water YeahAndalusia adventure in camper Get fun! Take the sand off of your boots before jumping to the Camper and heading towards the coast of Almeria. Set out to Roquetas de Mar and drive just 52 kilometers from the Wild West to the water amusement park in Roquetas, waterfalls, pools, water sledge, etc. When traveling with children, Mario Aquatic Park a water amusement park is a must.

Andalusia with children in camper van

When you have had enough of water sledges and twisters, we suggest you go back and set the van off towards the Andalusian coast. No worries, we are finishing the route but not yet, there are still a few nice spots to enjoy.

Going back to the province of Granada, near Motril we found Almuñécar Aquarium the perfect resort to watch the Mediterranean Sea fauna, fearful sharks and shoal of exotic fishes or listen to the tropical birds at Loro Sexi Bird Park, be delighted by the diversity of sounds from all varieties of birds. If you feel like sliding again or you just want to stay longer in Motril, you will find Motril Tropic Aqua Park. More sledges and fun for the kids, special areas for kids and relax areas available in the park.

Andalusia in camper van with children

And it’s time to return. After almost 1,000 km of fun and adventure behind you we grab the camper van with mixed feelings, the happiness and sadness at the end of a unique journey. But before finishing this stage we saved the best for last, this is a must in Malaga province.

Welcome to Nerja, village only 40 km from Motril, coming back in to

Malaga province, Houses in the Caves of Nerja, Heritage and Monument. It is not surprising that such caves were inhabited by the first human beings and artists on earth, the cave paintings you may see are unique in the world and are probably the first paintings in the history of mankind.

Now there is no excuse, look for suitable dates, duration and where to rest with the camper van at each stage. Camping list is available during the route at all the places listed below. Set up your plan, create the route and stages are listed on the map… Or just forget any plan and feel free to improvise any route. Hop on the Camper van and challenge an unforgettable adventure, let your spirit decide where and how to stop.

Flamenco Camper Van offers you freedom about the route. The only thing that matters are the route and the adventure, No excuse this time!


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Camping and cultural sights of the area.

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hiking with the children

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